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Still Here (1st Edition)

  • Still Here (1st Edition)
  • Still Here (1st Edition)

We wanted to highlight trans resistance to erasure by creating a print that refused to disappear. Our logo (Meanwhile...) is printed using a "blind impression" leaving a deep debossment. The deep debossment carries with it the traces of previous printings calling attention to just how much print resists erasure. "We're Still Here!" also has a satisfying impression, but we've added some TRANSparency base with just a hint of silver to make the text pop and shimmer. Not only is this print visually stunning (we think), but it is oh so pleasant to touch. Printed on French Paper Company's limited Plum Punch 100lb card stock. (size: 12.5x19in)

Printed edition of 200, machine numbered on the back.